Bill Starr’s Football Program II

This routine is another football workout from legendary strength coach Bill Starr. In this workout, Starr throws in a little more variety besides his Big Three – Squats, Power Cleans, and Bench Press.

Starr is the former strength coach for the Colts, Oilers (now the Titans), Hawaii and Maryland. In addition, Starr has trained numerous powerlifters, Olympic lifters and he’s the current strength coach at Johns Hopkins University.

He’s is a proponent of the old standard 5 x 5 programs with various assistance exercises thrown in for good measure. The big, compound muscle building exercises would be done 5 x 5 style with the assistance exercises getting three or four sets with about 5-8 reps.

The program here runs on the same 3x a week model with heavy, intermediate and light days. His big three are performed on the heavy and medium days with light days consisting of different exercises for a more total body workout.

Bill Starr’s Football Program II

Day One: (Heavy Day)
Power Cleans 5 x 5
Bench Press 5 x 5
Squats 5 x 5

Day Two: (Light Day)
Use the weight of the third set of the heavy day as the top end for the light day.
Overhead Press 5 x 5
Deadlifts 5 x 5
Dips 3 x 5-8

Day Three: (Medium Day)
Use the weight of the fourth set of the heavy day as the top end for the light day.
Power Cleans 5 x 5
Bench Press 5 x 5
Squats 5 x 5

Notes: Before each session, do 10-15 minutes of stretching and some ab work. Stretch 10-15 minutes after the workout. You want to strengthen all the major muscle groups and to develop muscle balance with this routine. The heavy day sets the pace for the week. The rest of the week is based on the accomplishments of the heavy day. Increase the power clean and bench by 5 pounds each week, and the squat by 10. Do not increase the poundages unless you have successfully completed the prescribed number of reps the previous week. Workout weights are increased (pyramid) set to set by 10 to 20 pounds per set. Example: power clean 5 x 135, 5 x 155, 5 x 165, 5 x 175, 5 x 185. In the meantime, get lots of rest, eat good food and drink plenty of water.

Understand that to be successful in any weight training program – hard work is a must!Half-hearted effort does nothing for you. If you’re new to weight training or grossly out of shape, consult a physician first. End of disclaimer.

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