The Old School Muscle Building System

I’m in the process of finishing up a soon-to-be released product called “The Old School Muscle Building System.”

The program was developed after years of research and testing on how the old-school lifters and strongmen got big and muscular without the use of performance enhancers.

It should be finished in about 2-3 weeks and will be sold as a two-DVD set for $47.

But, as a way of saying thank you to my supporters, all members of the Workout Routines Inner Circle will get the digital version absolutely FREE on the Workout Routines website.

That’s right. It’s yours just for being a member.

I’ve made a short video below talking a little bit about the Old School Muscle Building System. Of course,  I couldn’t go into too much detail because we’re still working on it, but here’s the video.

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If you want to get your hands on the program, but aren’t a member yet, here’s how you can join:

Just click on the URL below and become a member of the Inner Circle and the Old School Muscle Building System, along with the High Octane Fat Loss Program, and the Ultimate Workout Program Digital Version, will be yours absolutely FREE as well.

If you bought these products separately it would cost you $121, but you get them all for free by becoming a member of the Workout Routines Inner Circle. Click on the URL below to become a member today.

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